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about us


Our business philosophy 


We are glad that you are interested in the service offered by our company and we would like to convince you of our competences. 

Many years of experience in selling a wide range of products should especially convince you as an end-user, manufacturer or trading company of our competences. 

We are only interested in selling the products we are absolutely convinced of. 

This means that we conduct all the necessary analyzes before we start selling a new product. 

If the advantages and arguments speak for the product, then the first requirements are fulfilled, we can then assume that it is worthwhile for everyone to continue to deal with the topic. 

The market success of a product depends on various factors. 

Compared to similar products from other suppliers, the product has to impress positively in terms of technology, ease of use, as well as quality and price. 

All in all, the result of this comparison must convince the customer that this product has several advantages, meets his needs  that are important for making a positive purchasing decision. 

Experience shows that the market popularity of a new product, already available in a similar form, is not high enough, it is rather low. 

The new product must withstand, convince and win the sales system of existing companies with a similar product. In many cases, the similar products already on the market are even technically worse, or the companies cannot respond to the wishes of the customer. Many lack the flexibility to satisfy customers. 

Customer satisfaction and the awareness of having the best, from the point of view of their needs, product on the market are incentives for everyone involved to succeed. 

Together with you as a manufacturer, patent owner or product distributor, we study the direction and concept of marketing adapted to our partner's budget. 

Reaching a wide range of target groups and coordinating sales structures are the necessary basis for success for increasing sales. Unforeseen market changes require constant adaptation to the latest technical standards and new strategies to be successful. 

It's important to be active where it makes sense and  the effort is worth the profit. 

It is very important to us that the buyer is informed quickly, efficiently and competently and that all information regarding quality, technology and sales is convincing. 

Have we piqued your interest? 

Are you interested in our products or would you like to become a partner in our B2B distribution system? 

Do you have the interesting product or good ideas? 

Contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions. 


Rajko Kverh