our Team



The specialists in various fields-they are the pillar of our company.

Some of us have known each other for many years. We have carried out various projects
Together, in which creative and far-reaching solutions in the entrusted tasks were important.

This combination gives a synergy effect.

Thanks to various specializations and experiences, we can guarantee our clients to look at their project from different perspectives

ANDAMA is a company committed to support environmental activities with knowledge and products.
We are 100% sure that our solutions contribute to an ecological contribution to care of our planet, white bringing significant benefits from an economic point of view.
The choice of people and companies cooperating with us is equally important to us. 

Common values and the goal of working for the environment are the foundations of our

We encourage everyone              – leave a green trail.    

Thank you to everyone who decided to cooperate with ANDAMA

Rajko Kverh